EPA Required Inspections by Syman

Syman stands ready to keep you on the right side of the law concerning required site inspections. Our team provides you the oversight you need to allow your work to move ahead on schedule without worrying about compliance issues! Failing to maintain compliance can result in hefty fines, a result that nobody wants. Our inspectors ensure you meet or exceed all requirements associated with the Construction General Permit (CGP) guidelines as issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Syman will help you determine your required inspection frequency in accordance with the CGP. Our team of inspectors are experts in areas of:

  • Bi-weekly inspections
  • 0.25-inch rain event thresholds
  • Nutrient impaired water requirements (sensitive waters)
  • Stabilized areas
  • Arid
  • Semi-Arid
  • Drought stricken areas
  • Frozen conditions

Syman also helps you determine which areas of the site must be inspected. For example, we’ll work with your project leads to help determine if a cleared, graded, or excavated area that has not yet seen completed stabilization efforts are consistent with the CGP and if they need inspection.

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Our inspectors follow the guidelines within Part 4.6 of the CGP to ensure your permit requirements are met and provide the required reporting found in Part 4.7. Our reports consist of all required elements:

  • Inspection date
  • Names and titles of personnel making the inspection
  • A summary of the inspection findings, covering at a minimum the observations you made in accordance with Part 4. 6, including any necessary maintenance or corrective actions
  • If the operator is inspecting the site at the frequency specified in Part 4.2.2, Part 4.3, or Part 4.4.2, and the operator conducted an inspection because of rainfall measuring 0.25 inches or greater, it must include the applicable rain gauge or weather station readings that triggered the inspection
  • If the operator has determined that it is unsafe to inspect a portion of the site, the operator must describe the reason it was found to be unsafe and specify the locations that this condition applied to

Contact Syman, LLC today and speak with one of our experienced inspectors. We’re excited to be a part of your project, keeping your company compliant while you focus on job completion!

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