The Dingo Story

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History of the Dingo

When Syman started, the most used piece of equipment was a Toro Dingo mini-skid steer. We rented the tool so often that we purchased it from the rental company. About the same time, we purchased the Dingo we had one or two crews installing BMPs full time. They would often meet together in a room near the shop to plan the day's work. One of the employees started shouting "Go Dingos!" at the end of the meeting like leaving a locker room for a sports team. Soon after, someone made a sign that said, "Go Dingos!" and placed it above the exit door into the shop so when the crew left their morning meetings, they would tap the sign and say Go Dingos! Later someone used photoshop to create a cartoon dingo holding a shovel and it became a screen saver on the construction crew computers. The habit spread and it became normal to shout "Go Dingos!" After meetings. Eventually the company leadership got up to speed and decided to embrace the Dingo as the company mascot. The next step was having a professional character created. That is the image that accompanies the Syman Logo. Now the Dingo is a figure that unites the Syman team to work hard and work together. The best part of the dingo is it was grown organically within the company by good, hard-working people that know how to make work fun. Syman has always had the best employees.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Is the Dingo male or female?
A: The dingo is Male.

Q: Where is the Dingo From?
A: The Dingo is a native of Idaho.

Q: Dingoes are pretty much Australian coyotes, so is there a connection between the Dingo and Australia?
A: Not that we know of.

Q: How long has the Dingo worked for Syman?
A: We don't know, since he is a cartoon character, he does not have an employee file. He is more like a happy slave.

Q: Since the Dingo wears shorts, do the Syman employees get to wear shorts too?
A: All employees must wear proper PPE at all times, which includes pants, the Dingo has special privileges.

Q: If I work at Syman how to I get these special privileges?
A: You must show your manager proof that you are an Australian coyote.

Q: Why Australian coyote? I thought the Dingo was native to Idaho.
A: Good point, but the employee policy manual is too hard to change so you must show that you are an Australian coyote to have permission to wear shorts.

Q: Any other questions.
A: Good.