Erosion control can be simple.
We are the best at what we do.

Syman, LLC is all about environmental compliance for the construction industry.

In 2007, Kay and Adam Lyman and Tamara and Brad Simpson founded Syman, LLC. With more than 15 years of experience, Syman has earned their clients trust through quality and efficiency, and it is because of them we are leading the Treasure Valley in all aspects of erosion and sediment control.

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What we are about

Environmental compliance for the

construction industry

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What we do

We provide professional and erosion control services.


Syman provides projects with inspection services required by construction or Industrial Federal Stormwater Permits. Syman inspectors perform inspections to the standards found in the EPA’s General Permits


Whether you need Silt Fence, Fiber Wattle, Inlet Protection – Syman installs it all. See our products page for Syman’s complete inventory of installation products and materials.


If you need a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) or an Erosion and Sediment Control plan (ESC), our personnel have the experience and knowledge to provide any plan following EPA guidelines and local governing ordinances as required

Reasons to pick Syman, LLC

Quantity or quality? How about both.


We are the best in the world at full environmental compliance services; project conception to project completion.


Treating all our customers with respect is part of our mission. We care for their needs as if they are our own.


Syman strives to be the leader in the environmental compliance industry. Our work is the highest quality with a purpose of limiting risk for you.


We aim to create a place where our people can count on the company to support them. We cherish and hire those who put honesty and integrity as a first priority.


We strive to keep learning by providing weekly training. We keep our people up to date with erosion and sediment control standards. Our team provides years of experience to help with your needs.