How to Prepare your Lawn for Hydroseed


In order to get the right amount of seed, we must know the correct square footage of the desired lawn. When measuring it is important to keep in mind the potential odds and ends that keep your lawn area from being perfectly square.

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Correct soil Preparation is very important to make sure the seedlings take root. Make sure to take out rocks that are larger than the size of a golf ball. Rocks will prevent an even and thick lawn. Once the rocks are gone, rake the soil to even it out. Often we will do a soil test to know what minerals and supplements the seeds will need to grow in the area. Just before seeding, it is best to water the soil just until it is damp, but not puddling. Damp soil allows the mulch mixture to properly stick to the ground.

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Creating an environment for seeds to take root and grow also means that any weeds in the area will likely surface and thrive as well. Be sure to clear the area of weeds before seeding, otherwise, you’ll have to pull them by hand once the seedlings have securely rooted themselves. It can be tempting to try and use some sort of herbicide early but avoid laying any type of chemical weedkiller until the lawn is matured.

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Freshly seeded areas are thirsty and will need consistent watering. It’s usually recommended to water seedlings roughly three to four times a day. This can be reduced once the grass starts growing, but the seeds will need lots of water to take root properly. A previously installed sprinkler system can make this process much easier. Although it needs to be watered often, don’t produce any puddles as this could damage the seeds. Our ideal time recommendations for watering are 9 am, 12 pm, and 3 pm. Try to avoid watering at night or you run the risk of growing fungi.

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